Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andhra Wedding

Marriage day!!

Okay guys, before you start assuming things, and the grapevine catches fire, let me calm it all down. No, I have not got married and nor do I think I would be married in the next five years at least, if not more. one more basic thing. I in all probability wouold not et married in Andhra Style, well, unless Trisha hops on proposes, and insists on a telugu traditional wedding. Ah! She was looking so hot in Athadu.

Well, anyways.

This post is about Srini (Nah! He has not got married). His sister got married in april, and we were all invited (nice innovative ppt he had made for the invitation). Quite a dare I should say. Inviting us. Finally, as expected, not many could turn up as everyone was deep buried in their quests to manage a pappu (PPO). Me and Santosh (Yes, the ITC sutta guy, who himself does not smoke!) decided that we would attend.

Marriage on Wednesday. Tusday night 8PM, me and Santosh casually talking on gtalk. We realize that Srini’s sis is getting married, and also that we are both vella sitting home, so decided to go. Even till 9:30 PM I had not informed anything at home, and then I suddenly break the bubble, announcing I am off for a day. Mom’s quite used to these kind of shocks I guess. So, off I go, Konark express, general class at 11PM.

It was one horrifying journey with no place to even stand. I finally manage to reach at about 7AM. Srini was kind enough to come to the station to pick me up. Little did I know that I would be doing this chore for all his other friends who were to come.

Saw the true telugu kinda setup in his house - ones they show in movies. Relatives all over, rituals going on and on. Everyone decked up in the maximum jewellery (I am sure even Tanishq would not be showcasing this amount of jewellery in its shows), and the brightest of the silk sarees. Surprisingly, the men were too simply dressed compared to their better halves. Kids again are all in the showy spree. Donning full suits in the hot Summer.

Lunch is one thing that deserves special mention. 100 kgs of chicken, around 40 goats and I don’t know what other animals are slaughtered for the event. ( Source: Srini). The grandness of the marriage function is measured by the opulence shown in the food. The more the varieties, the better it is.

We had a ball, and and hogged like pigs. We also, completed touring the entire City( that is what Srini claims, it is no better than a village). the entire "city" would take a complete 3 minutes, 38 seconds to see it all. Now you should know how large the "city" is.

We returned back inn the afternoon itself, after the wedding, and by night i was home.

On the whole an amazing memorable wedding, and am now waiting for Srini to get married for the same feast. I am sure that would not be long, say another 2 years maximum, and yes, many of us – friends want to surely go to his wedding. TG dude. And also, to FEEL HAPPY, and NOT SORRY on ourselves. To get some solace on seeing Srini’s…

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