Saturday, September 27, 2008

MTV Marketing

MTV has managed to be the youth icon for a decade or so now. (Ah! it voted Orkut as the youth icon last year, though )

It has been showing some really creative bent of late, and it reflects in each and every activity of theirs.

MTV managed to keep the buzz alive on its flagship hugely popular reality show - Roadies, even when the season was not running. Constantly showing repeat runs, involving the game participants in another reality show - Splitsvilla, and even launching the Roadies Cheatcode DVD set. This has managed to keep alive the same enthu all across, and also keep the cash registers ringing.

Also in adopting the latest youth fabs as the medium to reach out to them, MTV was always the front runner.It make use of Social Media marketing and is using the Orkut community MTV Roadies Battleground to create an Online Contest which is similar to the show's TV version, making it completely interactive.

The roadies show is now ready to go more international after the last year's stint at bangkok. Its Australia now. The posters for the city auditions are mind blowing if anything.

The campus programs also manage to mantain the same fun language. the recent event that it has launched in premier BSchools - A typical BPlan competition, but positioned it as " DO SOME DIFFERENT SHIT". The whole tone of the competition is quite informal, quite appealing to its target segment - Youth. Right way to attrat the young managers to join Vizacom18.

Also, the latest series to hit its screens - "FULLY FALTOO FILM FESTIVAL". The ads presented here are filled with humour. The poster itself would create the curiosity to watch the show atleast once.

Admimst all this, hoow can it miss out India's OSCAR entry.

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