Friday, October 03, 2008

LUXOR Marketing

LUXOR - the company which makes markers, yes yes the same sketch pen lookalike, which we commonly use to colour our otherwise neat looking text books. It is also used by many to show that they have read the complete book. Even my cousin's 9 year old son, uses a fluorescent luxor marker, just colouring his text book, to avoid his mom's ire, for not studying. What he actually does is just picking up random lines from the text and 'highlighting' them.

On a personal note, i use it thinking i would read this part later, and it would help me before the exams to revise. But Alas! till the day of the exam not more than one chapter is 'highlighted'.

Anyways, this post is about the print ads by LUXOR. The campaign for Luxor Highlighters shows a full page of copy with historical information about historical characters. This copy is then highlighted with a Luxor highlighter in such a manner that the face of the historical character is outlined. The beauty of the ad lies in the fact that the copy, which is continuous, makes complete sense only when the highlighted portion is read too. The copy for the ad was readied after much research on the characters.( source: AFAQS)

I am not really sure about the choice of people except maybe Chaplin, but the ad speaks right of the highlighter. It does take a moment or two to really understand what it says, but a closer look clears, and the whole text seems coherent.

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