Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How i keep myself busy?

It has hit me many times. Why dont i reply to all people who ping me on gtalk. I sometimes simply ignore that they are pinging, or most of the times, give a reply - "Busy". As if i am the president of the United states, having the entire world out there to go take control.. er. care of.

I analyzed and then listed down all the activities that i typically do in a day, and then formulated a research design to see where i was spending most of the time. the sample time being 3 days of observation. yeah! this is what an MBA does to you, make simpler things complex. Observing myself. Huh!

One thing that stood distinctly in my time sliced period was MOVIES. Very surprising, coz i never imagined myself to be a movie buff. i have always enjoyed the typical comedy govinda salman khan type movies, which don't make sense at all. probably, of late, many such movies are being made.

One more interesting insight from this "SHAMTATA experiment", ( yeah, name everything you do, give it an identity. one more thing an MBA teaches you.), is that most of these movies have been watched in the wee hours of morning, typical time of the show being 5AM to 7AM. Why?? Why don't i sleep?. Coz my tummy cries to get it away from the rats play. hunger. and the mess opens at 7:30, so the best way to pass time - MOVIES. Come on, Stop kidding me. i am not the maggu kinds to study at that unearthly hour. and nature has ensured with the mass factory churned face that i have been given, that no one calls me at such an hour. So, back to MOVIES again.

in this pursuit, i thought, why not benefit you - my dear readers, to a short synopsis of the various movies i have seen in the last two weeks, to help you decide if you really want to get your head hammered upon.

ACCEPTED - A nice decent movie about a guy who does not get "accept" letters from any university, and plans to start one of his own. little did he guess the possibility that this could very well be what he'd be doing. So all you people there, wanting to get into the IIMs and IITs, i guess this is a better way. Start your own BJIIM. (when there can be an RGIIM, wht not a BJIIM?)

Sin City - About a dark corrupted city. and the story of 3 different people and the way they get tangled in the SIN CITY. Watch it, only if you have the sadist taste of seeing people getting killed in the most innovative ways. Ruthless.
Sadist here reminds me of a friend. I don remember why i keep calling her sadist, but now the name has stuck. and don ask what she calls me.

Astha Chamma - A cool telugu flick. had a big crush on the actress right from my graduation days, when she used to host a popular local show. Ah! she has the looks. Movie? Who cared about it? I was just staring at Swati.

Ugly aur Pagli - Shameless degraded copy of the korean flick My sassy girl. Worthless, in spite of it having mallika in it.

Wanted - Who said only Rajnikanth can do all the death defying, gravity defying steps? Who said bullets shot from a normal gun need to travel in a straight line? Who said a car needs to be driven only with hands and the body inside the car? See this movie and break all false beliefs.

Choti Si Baat - KK recommended this one and tempted me towards it by the concept. A loser of a guy - Amol palekar, goes to a learned person, and learns all tricks to floor the girl of his dreams. Also tricks to remove the thorn - Asrani, who is presently hoverng around his girl.Now the plot can seriously be so related, to a guy with looks like mine. Nice enjoyable movie. but learning, nah! Alas i would still remain single, as the tricks thought here seem to be too old to apply in the present world.

Shaurya - Awesome movie about the defence services and its internal processes. Rahul Bose has excelled in the role, ann so has Kay kay and others.A must watch.

Mumbai Meri Jaan - Nice touching movie about the after affects of the local train blasts that rocked Mumbai. Madhavan at his best, and Imran Khan has given an amazing performance without uttering a single Hindi word. Again, A must watch.

A wednesday - A common man's reply to the system, holding them on his toes for one whole day. the movie is set in mumbai , with the frequent terror bomb blasts as the backdrop. If you have not seen this, read no more, and immediately jump away to get hold of the DVD.

Now this was the list of movies completed in the last 14 days. but guys, me still busy, and you may still get the reply " BUSY" on gtalk. I am sorry for that. please email in case of anything really important. Wil surely reply even if the question is as mundane as " how do i crack CAT", or as serious as " My CAT has died how do i do its cremation and the ceremony".

now me off to read my Brother's blog. he's been writing really well and frequently. Especially the post describing his chance meeting with Senorita during the train journey of the industrial tour.

okay, now this would be it, before my next one.( which i am sure will be pretty soon.). now i take your leave, so that i can smoke in peace. practising not to smoke in public spaces for the ban from oct 2nd. you never know i may be fined on the premise that this blog is a public space.


  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

    if u liked shaurya..watch A FEW GUD MEN ..u will love it ..

  2. @ Anonymous: Seen that. one more good movie!!