Monday, February 02, 2009

100 rupai.. in times of recession

Well, a very happy Christmas to you. What? That was like one and a half months back. I don't remember wishing you then, so the wishes. Better late, than never. I have once again resorted to the easy way. The shortcut to blogging. Putting pictures and writing some random crap, and reduce the effort. I will try my best not to resort to this tactic again, and rather involve myself in better journalistic writing. Huh!

The current economic slowdown has probably hit too hard, and it is said that this is the best time for unleashing creativity. Now you know why the ET IDEAS initiative was kick started at this time? Angel investors is no fool.

Talking about the pictures now, which all sum up, or maybe provide the very much required laughter!

Very well summarises the movement of the market indices through the years.

Ah! My Baby!
I thought such queues exist only in our densely populated country.
Also, keep the anti-depressants (only one pill) ready in hand.
Ah! The graph has hit the ebb. It has stooped so low that there is no more downwards. Here come the good times, now t has no option but to rise.
The bankers again get an advantage.
Ha! The broker and the investor.
JOB JOB! Where are they?
Back to the good old times.
Told you the indian way of living, by loading up stacks of black money in unthinkable un reachable positions is the best form of investing. Talking about black money makes me think. What would have happened to the money hoarders in Zimbabwe? The currency is inflating at levels that would even put to shame Harry Potter's hair growth to shame!
No more loans buddy. Keep your money safe, in the safe. The joke doing the rounds in campus – "FLASH NEWS: One more bank hit by the economic slowdown due to default on Educational loans. Punjab National Bank; Two years back it proudly put up a banner stating that more than 200 students of IIM Lucknow are now its 'esteemed' Customers."

Looking at the conditions it is very much possible for such a free coupon to come up soon. "Buy a Zinger Burger at KFC, and get a scratch card free. "

Laughter is the best medicine in such times. And music is a close second. Nothing like the soothing effect of a Rock Song (pun intended). Thus, the latest song by Zeest, yes yes the BC SUTTA band from Pakistan, has released a new song. This time on the "FINANCIAL FUCK UPS and BROKEN HEARTED PEOPLE", in their own words. You can download the song here.

Kabhi to koi din aisa hoga.. jab meri jeb mein paisa hoga..

100 rupai…

Chai bhi peeni hai.. Paan bhi khaana hai.. Haath mein uski sutta bhi jalana hai.

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