Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is how I would refer to most of the Indians. Just two days back we were discussing on the so called taboo topic – "Pre-Marital Sex". This was one of the many discussions that arise after the 'stag' sessions in the official casino of IIML. (Yes, my room has been declared!!).

Surprising to find that even the most outward looking person was trying to defend, "No, Its consequences are very bad on the society!"

"Dude, we make the society". But nah! He would not listen. And well, he was not alone. Many like him, who would not mind doing things like that themselves, but when it comes to take a stand, become the moral police of the country; of the RICH Indian culture; of the Indian Society.

Such people are found in every corner of the country. In rural places, it is understandable; they don't have access to high education level nor the exposure to the global world. They are narrow minded by the way they have been living and their surroundings. But even in the capital of the country – Delhi! Did not expect this!

A guy and a girl are allowed to stay together all day, but well once it is 11PM, NO! What? Can they not indulge in so called immoral activities in the daylight? They very well can! But that is allowed. "What would the society think if they are together all night?" retorted a landlady here.

Everyone is just afraid of the society. The first person is afraid, "what will the others speak of this?", the next one with a similar fear. Internally everyone wants to feel like, and maybe even is, a non-orthodox forward thinking person. But at the outset would like to get limited by the boundaries of the society. The same society they themselves form. Hippocrates.

It is like the Black Monkey that resides in everyone's heart, very well summarised by the latest flick – Delhi 6. The monkey resides within us and we manifest it, give it growth and foster it to become a huge behemoth that it eventually turns into. Sometimes to further our own aspirations, but most of the times just to add to the gossip; become a part of the story.

The conditions become frustrating and suffocating, and well what does it turn into? The same. Carry forward the story. I suffered, so you also suffer. Or is it that we get limited by the thinking and we cannot think beyond?

No point ranting about it. We as a complete society need to change and look forward – A very idealistic far-fetched dream!

Else, just ignore the society that surrounds you. They just need some fodder to discuss on their next coffe break at office – "Hey, you know! This girl was having a male guest at her place all night yesterday".

The reply: "Oh! Really! How shameful? Where is the world heading to?"

Chuck it. Just ignore, and live life they way you want to. Life is too short to be bound by such artificial illogical boundaries!

On an ending note, congrats to "SlumDog Millionaire", for its sweep run at the Oscars. And more so to A.R. Rahman for the laurels he has brought to the country! Even here, we needed a foreign director to bring out something very coherently Indian!

And what do we do? Protest! Slumdog is derogatory! HIPPOCRATES!!


  1. Anonymous10:52 am

    yes u r right..... But police records say crime rate against women is greater at night than day.....Not only against women.Generally crimes happen at night in more numbers than during the day.....This is because people make use of the darkness....The society is only us...In order prevent such crime it might pose some restrictions like a guy and a girl cannot stay together after 11 pm.Its not hipocracy.....No one bothers a woman who doesn't follow the restriction.After all,it is a free country....!

  2. @ Anonymous: I agree crime rate is higher in the night, but the point i was trying to highlight is the Hippocratic society we live in, where a boy and a girl are not allowed to stay together in the night.