Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life at the Terminal

Wrote this at the Delhi airport on Saturday, 28th feb 2008

Airports were one thing that had really fascinated me when I was young. I still remember the interest and child like fascination I had when I went to the Vizag airport for the first time to receive someone. That was like fifteen years back. The fascination still holds.

I am presently at the New Delhi IGI airport in the terminal 1A (Is someone known around?) waiting for my 6:30 flight to Lucknow. It is still 4PM, and have been here from 2PM. Four and a half hours early than the departure time!! This is not required even for an international flight!! Well, when you have nothing better to do, and do not wish to travel across Delhi with a laptop bag on your back, this is the best resort.

Now coming to the basic question – what am i doing here? This is my second trip to Delhi within five days, and no! Am not working for any Delhi based company. I have come here for some work related to the Teerthaliya, i would soon be taking across the country – before and after the convo. I completed all my work yesterday, and my flight back to Lucknow is scheduled for today evening.

After wandering aimlessly at Select City walk mall and Saket, and hanging out at the Barista and Coffee day all alone all morning, i finally decided that the airport would be a better place to pass time. I atleast would not have suspicious looking passerby's when i open my laptop at the airport. After some deliberations with the guard, i was let in 4 and half hours before the scheduled departure.

At the airport one finds all kind of people, right from the seasoned consultant looking person in heavy suits and light suitcases, to the first time traveller looking at everything in detail and with a kid's curiosity. As usual, i first delved into the book store here, and after browsing for a considerable time, i just could not find anything that i could pick up. I then decided that i should probably go and have a beer at the cafe attached to the terminal. Thanks Delhi airport terminal 1A for having such a facility.

The cafe was a very top class one, with the rates being even more hi fi. But well, i had to pass time, and a lot of that, so i settled down there and just ordered a beer for myself. Everyone one there was probably like me – alone, frustrated, waiting for the plane (obviously, what else would they wait for at the airport?), and willing to pass time. I, for the first time in my life, was reading a book while drinking beer. Shit! How much more could life get interesting? (pun intended!) Well, even this behaviour of mine was instigated after looking at people around me, half of whom were following the same ritual. Does reading a book seriously give that a good impression on everyone? So what even if the book is the latest copy of penthouse? (Nah! I was reading The Reluctant fundamentalist)

After completing the beer in more than 5 times than the normal time taken for consumption, i walked out of the cafe after a good 1 and a half hour time. It is 5PM, and my security check announcement also is not made yet! I don't feel like reading anymore, so what better? Get the laptop out and watch a movie. Damn! All my movies are on the hard disk, which is in Lucknow. So better?? Blog!

This was one whole day spent at the Delhi airport terminal, not knowing what better to do. One wonderful day it was, and i am sure i would remember it for long!!

Till then, Happy holi and i hope you have armed yourself with lalu and Nitish for tomorrow morning's fight!!

p.s.: I am starting off for the teerthaliya tomorrow, so may be off from the blogosphere for some time. Also, there is possibly a major change in my way of blogging coming soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Once again, HAPPY HOLI!




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