Sunday, March 08, 2009

These are the best, ahem! Idle boring, days of my life!!!

One thing for sure – I am never ever going to be so vela and idle in my life, hopefully. Smack! Right from November actually, after getting the PPO, I have been completely free, relieved and jobless after having a job in hand. I have since then been hearing things like – "Oh! Come on! What work do you have anyways?" aargh!

So then I decided ok. Enough. I would indulge myself in something. I would utilize this time in the most productive way possible. So, I prepared my own Bucket list – Ah! Well, not that I amm soon going to die. "No sir, I have not been diagnosed with 'lympho sychoma of the intestine!'"

Han! Coming to my bucket list. It is weird. It is very dreamy. No, I don't intend to settle down in MARSS, and not that it contains things not achievable, but just that I am too lazy for it. The list reads something like this –

LOYALTY PROGRAM – huh! Would discuss this in detail, when the time is right.

PHOTOSHOP – Right from my engineering second year, I had this fascination of learning Photoshop for all the amazing things it can do. In fact, I even have installed it a zillion times on my desktop earliler, and now on my laptop. I even searched for all the learning material possible. But well, the laziness inherent crept in, and I could never make a serious attempt.

SALSA – How bad would it be, going with a hot chik to a pub, and not knowing how to dance and rather prefer sitting close to the bartender. Not really a good sign for any kind of relationship. Not at all, if the girl loves dancing. Also, it is fun to dance if you know the steps right. And what better steps of dance than salsa? So, me and Chitta very ambitiously enrolled ourselves at Planet Salsa, paying a decent amount of money for the 30 day course. Of course, we were also somewhat influenced by Rab ne.. to some extent, and were quite eager to meet the tani partner of our choice. Well, as usual – the lazy bugger awoke, and we just went to the class one evening. Chitta claims that he went twice!

Get Screwed.. On the rocks – A project, which is under highly confidentiality agreement right now, and even for this project – which is quite close to my heart, the lazy bugger threatens to take control.

TT/ Baddy / Tennis, - Some sport damn it! I realized that I don't play any damn sport and it is high time that I picked up one. I dabbled in TT during my intern and it was quite interesting and I loved it. But once back to campus, and I stopped playing. Similarly I dabbled in Tennis on evening, Baddy a couple of times, and etc.. So this is the right time that I indulge in these and master in atleast one game. Would also help me keep fit. But alas! The lazy bugger! Somebody please kill this bugger.

GYM – I better not talk about this. I did seriously indulge myself in it, and it was even regular. I went in every evening, and the N72 music was quite decent to keep it going. But well, the placements (not mine!), exams, and then the Delhi trips completely made gymming take the backseat.

Musical Instrument – one more innocent intent of learning something for my relaxation. I was even on the verge of buying a guitar, and even had a detailed talk with a member of the official band of the campus. But well, the bugger!

Newspapers – I have this habit of hoarding all my newspapers and not disposing them off without having a detailed look. I presently have a hoard full of newspapers dated December 2008. They have just kept piling up, and I have not done much about it. Throw them – no my policy does not allow that. Read them – the bugger does not allow them. Huh!

Thinking of all this may make one wonder – what the hell does this guy do all day? Huh! Let me know, if you get the answer.

Yeah, one more thing I have been indulging myself too much of late is rehashing the blog. I would very soon move to my own domain on the blogosphere, and the non-technical person that I am, it is getting quite tough. Any suggestions?

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