Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie time.. April 2009

These times of full vela time is the right time to fulfil all the backlog work that has been pending since long. And well, what better than view all the movies that I always wanted to watch.

Right from the first year at L, many of my friends have been hooked to TV series and somehow I have maintained distance from them. But not anymore. I have completed the first season of Heroes and am presently watching the first season of Two and a half men. The 1TB hard disk that I recently bought is loaded up with all TV series available on the LAN. I hope these holidays be fruitful!!

Now, as is generally do, for the benefit of my readers – a brief review of all the movies and TV series I have seen of late. You can find a similar post here.


  • Yes Man: Jim Carrey. You can't beat the guy. I would not say this is one of his better movies, but well, watchable. It is about a guy who decides to say YES to everything. Rating: 7/10


  • Milk: The Oscar nominated movie about a true story. The story of Harvey Milk, and his struggles as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California's first openly gay elected official. Very well made movie. Must-see. Rating: 9.5/10


  • Jumbo: Totally ignore. I saw this movie thinking Akshay kumar would have added something watchable in it. But NO. It was a complete wastage of time. Rating: 1/10


  • In Bruges: Again a wonderfully made movie about two people and their escapades to Bruges, Belgium. Two men are caught up in this beautiful European city and explore themselves. Bruges is shown so beautifully that it actually tempted me to book my tickets. I wonder if the tourism board has something to do with the film! Rating: 9/10


  • All the president's men: Old Classic. I was waiting for Richard/Nixon to be downloaded on DC, and found this movie to be very similar theme wise. About the Watergate scandal that hit the US in 1976, and the quest of two reporters to unleash the mystery behind it. Rating: 9/10


  • The snow Walker: One of my friends suggested me this one. It is a well shot movie about a pilot and his passenger who get holed up in a deserted land and their survival instincts. In spite of the two not knowing a common language how well they commute to each other and live on is shown wonderfully. Rating: 8/10


  • Idiocracy: A crazy movie for one of those evenings when you just feel lazy and wanna have beer all alone. Switch on this movie, have a tub of popcorn ready in your hand and a couple of bottles of beer ready. It is about the future land where it is shown that the Human race become very dumb and stupid, and the travails of a guy from the present in this idiotic future. Rating: 6.5/10


  • Jugaad: Completely forgettable. The name of the movie attracted me towards it, but well Manoj Bajpai still needs to learn the art of selecting movies. Rating: 2/10 (only for the title!)


  • Billu Barber: It has Shahrukh Khan, so it has to be good. But well, if Rajnikanth could not support the story what can SRK do, in spite of Deepika, Kareena, Priyanka, lara? Nevertheless, the songs were good, and it had SRK. So watchable once. Irrfan Khan also did a commendable job, and he is the main protagonist actually. SRK is only for the glamour quotient. Rating: 6.5/10


  • Nick and Norah's infinite playlist: Want to see a movie with your date. This one could be your pic. Pretty well made about teenage romance, and the subtleties involved when a girl asks a guy out for five minutes. Rating: 7/10


TV Series

  • Heroes Season 1: It is about the extraordinary powers vested in some of the humans. They are the Heroes. The cheerleader, Peter petrieli, the painter, Nakamura, etc.. and SYLAR who by profession is a clockmaker, and turns into the bad man ripping apart the skulls of these heroes to configure his own head and gain access to those powers. It also has an Indian character – Dr. Suresh, who is not a Hero in himself but helps the others to discover themselves. The season 1 was all about how everyone discovers their powers, and how Sylar is stopped from exploding the terrible bomb.


  • Two and a Half Men Season 1: Charlie and Alan are brothers, and Jack is Alan's son who all start staying together in Charlie's beach house. These make up the two and a half men. We also have Rose – the stalker, Charlie and Alan's mom, Judith – Alan's exwife, and some more characters. It is a fun sitcom on the similar lilnes of friends but with a different theme.


Now you know what has kept me occupied all these days. I have seen some more, but I have this policy of just updating 10 movies at once, so keep waiting for the next dose when I complete my quota of 10 movies.




  1. Sambit12:26 pm

    "two and half men is on similar lines of friends"...hmmmm...seems quite obvious once u have peanut size brain as mr. BJ.

  2. @ Sambit: hmmm! u know well abt the size n type of my brain! ny other size u aware of?