Thursday, April 30, 2009

SRK may dump KKR

Well there have been talks of Shah Rukh Khan dumping the letter Kolkata from his team name – Kolkata knight riders, but dumping the team in its enterity – that no one expected.

According to a news article in Business Standard,

After dropping "Kolkata" from Indian Premier League team (IPL) Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), actor Shah Rukh Khan has started discussions with Nokia, Sahara, the Anil Ambani group, and several other companies to sell the team he bought just over a year ago for Rs 300 crore, and exit the business.


Shah Rukh could have easily sold a stake in the team, but that would come at the cost of sacrifice of part management control. Well, did not expect this romance to end so soon – afterall Shah Rukh's team garnered the highest profit last year (only one of the two profit making team, the other being the champions RR)

Now what could be the reason behind this motive?

TIME – It does take a lot of time on Shah Rukh's part to keep the team running, and everyone knows how much money he would be making if this time is spent on making films and ads.

PERFORMANCE – The sad performance of the team in this edition, and the final nail in the coffin being the loss with RCB – the clash of the titans, battle for the last position.

MONEY – Selling off the team right now, for the next edition, and if no fresh teams are issued would lead to huge valuations and thus a very high ROI in a short span.

HASSLES – the frequent tiffs with the Kolkata municipal corporation, Kolkata police and this new issue with the Fake IPL Blog.

Whatever be the reason – KKR was associated with SRK, and had developed a brand identity with King Khan. It would be interesting to see how the team develops after SRK, well that is if it happens!


  1. Prima facie it seems to be a shocker. But like you said, there is only so much one can do when your team played properly only in that inaugural match of the inaugural IPL till date.

  2. @ AB: yeah, i was shocked readin this. KKR is what it is coz of SRK!!

  3. Saale tu blog likh raha hai ya newspaper chala raha hai?

    I agree.. KKR is crashing because of SRK... Teams with more interference of their owners are the ones losing (Shilpa, Preity and SRK)... Teams like DC and Delhi are winning because of least interference from owners...

  4. But ya ur blog look is interesting.. dont mind if i lift some pts from it ok...

  5. @ IIM Ka..: blog hi likh raha hun yaar.. for those jo har newspaper nahi pad sakte.. (not tht i read them all). forgot to include Vijay Mallya and RCB.. interference again form the team owner.

    n u can lift whatever u like dude.. as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!!