Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting social

Trust rediff.com to stir the best of the discussions. There was a story recently on someone gaining access to a celebrity’s social network and how it played havoc with the victim’s life, while she was busy shopping in London.

Thus a discussion page started, about the pros ad cons of social networking. Look at some of the comments:

You need to select your password which is impossible to guess...and should also be alphanumeric and contain special characters which make the haccker's job a little difficult. Being a non-dictionary word is recommended

Well for an online identity a password is a must. The social networking site recommends the same. The issue here is, the hacker (or hacker as you would cal them) need not guess the password. There are system bots and other such malicious software which could leak the password too, without any importance given to the complexity of the password. It be “bharat”, or “gh56&*$hu”.

This would no doubt keep continuing till a biometric system is much in vogue. Already many computers are inbuilt with finger print recognition, so that could be enabled with passwords too.

Wide Spread Porn is circulated.

Every thing in the name of social?

Authority must look into curb it.

Wide Spread Porn" its there everywhere...

its a mentality bor...

intenet/social sites are just a modern medium..

Authority cannot do anything as they could not stop pros in last 100 years..how do you expect them to stop something that is already there in the society.. go ahead and legalize it accept it you problem will be solved

Right said my boy. Porn would exist, and I don’t see any reason for it not to. Yes, on sites which are meant for children NO. But well, every site has an agreement form to be signed up declaring that the user’s age is above 18. What else could the site authorities do? Physical verification?

And like we in sales say,

Undercutting is like prostitution, it would always exist, no matter what!
Similarly porn to internet, the sooner we realize the better it is.

Except email address do not disclose any other contact details in social networking sites

Why email address? I get large amount of junk mails everyday. (I do get genuine business enquiries and thats why I had advertised it) But there is always a danger that it may be misused

Never ever give away your official email ids on these forums. Email ids are free people, so why not create a special id only for these spam mail generating websites?

Social networking is a wonderful thing online, and has helped a lot many people to reconnect and unite. There is bound to be misuse, but then simple measures can help us to be away from them.

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