Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This was a quick one. The month of march, i was totally packed up. Three interviews lined up, then my dwindling attendance at college, to top that the project deadline was nearing. It all literally left me with no time for any other activity( now u know the reason for my absence from the blogging circuit for so long?)

Anyways, had my NITIE GDPI on 13Th of march at the NITIE campus in mumbai. I reached Mumbai on 12Th itself, and stayed in the campus hostel. The TEAM IMPACT there did a real wonderful job, and our stay there was very comfortable. I just idled away my time on 12Th, catching up with some friends, moving around the campus, and also meeting one of my uncles who stays in mumbai.

ON 13th morning, we were asked to report at 8AM itself, and i did not even have my shagun ka ** the previous night. I reached the auditorium sharp at 8 itself, and after the regular document verification we were asked to sit in the auditorium. ( This was one bad thing about NITIE organisation - they had called all the applicants at 8 and many of them( including me) had to wait all the way till 7pm to get out of there). They could have rather scheduled us all at different time slots!!

Anyways, they kept us occupied by showing nice movies like CARS, COUPLING SEASON, etc..( heard from a friend that they actually projected LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI the next day). My turn for the GD was at around 11:30. We were around 10 people in the group and the panel consisted of 3 people. The topic was " NUCLEAR TREATY - WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?". The topic required lots of facts which was lacking with most, and the GD was quite peaceful. In fact, there were even brief spells of silence in the middle, and every participant was waiting for the other to pick up from him, as the points would get exhausted very soon, and even GLOBING was not possible. Overall, a very calm GD, and i quipped in decent inputs.

My turn for the interview was scheduled at 3:30 so i returned to the room and slept for some time. Ultimately i was interviewed at about 6:30PM. There were 4 panelists. After the initial normal question - tell me about yourself, Why MBA?, etc.. the shift happened to current affairs. the present economic situation, the budget, the inflation rate, policies taken by the government, etc..

When they realised that my father is in the retail business( he runs a grocery store), the focus shifted to the present boom in the retail sector - the various entrants, their impact, and other related issues. the interview lasted for about 10 mins, and luckily there was not even a single question on acads!!

p.s. : I came to know of the IIFT convert just about half an hour before my interview, and i was booming with euphoria, and had this extreme levels of confidence, as i did not really care for the outcome. IIFT was any day better than NITIE!! The only thing, it was not yet clear if it was IIFT- Delhi or IIFT - Kol that i had converted!!


  1. if i am not wrong we meet at helL.!!

  2. Good to see you back in form in blogging. :-)

    Just went through your posts on the IIM interviews. Excellent collection down there. Well mentioning about blogging or writing in general has its own plus points, isnt it?. :-)

    I also recall u getting thru some campus interview...Have you changed your mind or are keeping that as a backup? Good let me know wen you get replies from these places...Hope they are all positive.

    Surprising - no body gave the quota issue as GD topic?

    Oh u where in Bangalore...should have left a note at my blog...would have tried to meet up with you.

  3. @ Ajeya:
    thnx 4 the compliments.. me got thru IIML!!.. so willl b headin 2 the land of nawabs nxt!!
    Yeah, had got thru CSC.. but now i guess, hav a better option!!
    So sorry, cld not meet u in b'lore.. nxt time pakka...

  4. congo mate ;) Good to see u get into one the best..now u can blog a hella lot on life in a b school ;)