Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brand Equity Ad agency Reckoner

While it shows in these times of recession and slowdown, that even malls are causing frustration among the people, and i am back from my trip to Manali and well into term 6, the best way to pass time is to watch ads.
It is time again to award those who build brands. The ad agencies and the people behind it.

Before we set out opening Youtube or google (now that it has reached 72% market share, i can safely assume that google is THE search vehicle), i guess it makes sense to take some time out and salute the people and agencies behind these wonderful ads. Why not? When we can adore Karan johar and ShahRukh Khan for hours, why should the ad people be left behind? i am sure many ads there are more fun to watch than the Dostana of karan johar (Except maybe for the venice scene where Aby excelled!!)

yes i am talking about the annual Brand Equity Ad agency Reckoner.The annual special edition, to be out today (Am awake waiting!!) has, over the last five years, emerged as one of the most-anticipated issues of Brand Equity (Economic Times on Wednesdays). Packed with power lists, rankings and analysis, the Agency Reckoner is a concise guide to India’s most admired creative and media agencies. And a reliable barometer for the hottest names in the business.

The question that’s foremost on many lips is whether Ogilvy will be able to hold on to the numero uno position for the sixth year running. Or will the successes of some agencies at Cannes — and the marketplace — see the rise of a new No 1? There’s also curiosity over which agency will top the Media Agency rankings — Mindshare, Madison or Starcom? And will there be dramatic changes in the Most Influential People lists? All we can say is there are surprises galore.

For the first time, this year’s Reckoner has also ranked agencies in three new verticals — Brand Promotion Companies, Digital Agencies and Design Specialists. This is in recognition of the emerging trend in marketing communications, where advertising spends are slowly but steadily being diverted into specialist channels. As always, Brand Equity is ahead of the curve in acknowledging the dynamics of a changing communications environment.
Source : Economic Times

The thing that has really caught my eye is the way the edition and the event have been marketed, with these innovative ads. If not anyone else, probably the agency behind these ads should be given away the prizes. Subtle, made with low cost, but in line and very effective with an underlying humour. All speaking out the truth about the ad industry. probably Fashion conscious Madhur bhandarkar can get inspired and go on make Ad-War-Teasing (Sourced from PRISM - The marketing cell of IIML). Have a look at the award winning ads. Er! I mean the ads on the awards.

So, while i have a look into the latest scandal to hit the US markets and wait for the ET copy, do have a look around. Also, Hold your fingers close for my new blog on leadership Discovery as a compulsory part of my elective with the same name. it is being taught by Professor Debashis Chatterjee. He was described as one of the "thought leaders" of the world by Professor John Kotter of the Harvard Business School for his contribution to the theory and practice of leadership. So looking eager for more classes by him.

Also, soon to come is my post on my trip to Manali last weekend. So till then, have fun and look for your Rab arranged Jodi!!!

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