Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ghajini Movie Review

The South has always made better commercial movies than BollyWood, and many of them have been remade in hindi. Ghajini adds on to the list, and excellent it is.

One interesting fact is the name of the movie, which makes it one of the few movies which have the Villain's name as its name.( Can't recall any other movies with the villain's name as the name of the movie, but i guess there sure should be some!).

Saw the movie today in the premier how at FUN. We booked our tickets in the morning itself, and later read about the controversy. We were skeptical if it would actually release or we would be forced to watch Rab ne bana di jodi again (I don't mind though!). Thankfully the courts allowed it to be screened without allaying to the claims of the original producer who was trying to make some quick money.

The case goes simple. A little-known production banner, KBC Pictures, had filed a case in the court Monday, claiming that producer Madhu Mantena had infringed upon its copyright as it had acquired the right to re-make 'Ghajini' in Hindi. In other words, the Tamil producer (who originally made the movie) claims to have sold the rights to Allu only for the telugu version. And now he is after Allu daring him to reason his quest in making it in hindi, when he was already in the mood of making Kahani Ghajini ki!! What? Did he want to make a serial soap or something??

And the timing of filing the case just seems apt. Did the complainer not get affected by the massive marketing done by the producers spending over 140 million rupeer.

Having seen the Telugu version, comparisons were bound. in spite of initially believing that Surya was a different kinda actor, and Aamir would not fit into his shoes, Aamir has given his full as always, and it shows. be it his physique (which by any standards is huge considering the Aamir look that we have been seeing all these years), his look as the traumatic person, posh look of the flashback character - he excels in all.

The review of the movie from real Bollywood

Sanjay Singhania (Aamir) after being hit on head suffers from a short term memory loss. He cannot recollect anything beyond 15 minutes. He has various phone numbers and names tattooed on his body all hinting at one thing, seek revenge for the murder of his girlfriend, Kalpana (Asin). The only clue he has is the name that he remembers his dying girlfriend uttered in his ears - Ghajini. What obstacles Sanjay encounters in his hunt for Ghajini forms the rest of the film.

The film is a perfect masala film, a revenge thriller, a genre which was very popular in the 80s. But what sets the film apart from a typical pot boiler is the way the screenplay has been structured, oscillating between flashbacks and present time. There is also a good balance of romance, suspense, action and comedy. Plus the biggest asset – Aamir Khan! The story has two major flashbacks, but unlike many films where flashbacks do nothing for the film itself, this one actually aids in building the character and adding intensity to them. Having seen Sanjay’s past life, you see reason for his current actions. The film at no point justifies the actions but it does give you reason to go with the flow.

Murugados’s direction is terrific and the master story teller that he is, he just doesn’t give the audience a moment to think even in 180 minutes running time film. Technically it definitely stands amongst the best films of 2008. Superb editing (Anthony), excellent camerawork (Ravi K Chandran) and amazing sound design (Resul) take the film to an altogether different level. The action by Peter Hains and Stunt Shiva keeps you on the edge of your seat. But some action sequences have turned out a bit too gory and not meant for the faint hearted. But with Aamir giving his everything all out in them they end up being a treat to watch. A.R. Rahman’s melodies are a treat to watch onscreen having been excellently picturised. Also, none of the songs hamper the proceedings.

Amongst the sequences that stand out are Aamir’s first encounter with Asin, Aamir visiting Asin’s boss’s party, Aamir’s outburst in the hospital, Asin’s murder sequence and of course the action packed climax where Aamir for a moment forgets what he is fighting for when he comes face to face with the villain!

In an author backed role, Aamir has outperformed himself, making us fall short of words in his praise. He is not only utterly convincing as a killing machine but he is extremely loveable in the romantic comedy sequences with Asin. South starlet Asin in her Bollywood debut leaves a lasting impression. Jiah though fits the part somehow pales in comparison to Asin. Her accented Hindi irritates. Pradeep Rawat brings back to Bollywood, the true villain that was missing since long time. He is menacingly good.

Ghajini does live up to the hype it has generated and is a must watch for Aamir Khan fans and also for debutante Asin and the latest addition to talented filmmakers of Bollywood, director A.R. Murugadoss.

Overall, a nice time pass entertainer. The producer is in to rake in the moolah taking advantage of the extended weekend barring friday, and the soon to follow new year.

After getting back from the movie, headed for the StEX committee meeting, and form there straight to the gult wing for Absenthine bought from France by Charan. Ah! it feels bliss, on spite of just two pegs.

Now in the room, juts trying to get over the insomnia. probably i should download Ramgopal varma Ki Aag from DC, and then watch it, for it to act as sedatives. Sleep!

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