Saturday, December 27, 2008

Damn the Indian Railways

Now you know why I hate the Indian Railways so much? Nah! How would you know? Let me explain.

My cousin is getting married this Monday in Jaipur. So my parents decided that we all attend it. We planned that they fly from Vizag to Delhi on 27th December (today), and I would join them at the airport travelling by train from Lucknow. Initially I was sceptical that I would get bored all morning in Delhi as my train was scheduled to reach at 8AM in the morning, and their flight was scheduled to land at 2PM. Six long hours in Delhi.

Thanks to Ahen, we decided that we could meet up and spend the morning chatting. Awesome, I was eagerly waiting. 6hours well spent, and then right in time to the airport to carry forward with journey till Jaipur.

But well, thanks to Indian Railways, I miss my date with Ahen, and now I am also forced to ask my parents to wait at the airport rather than me waiting for them (which was supposed to happen!!). I am sure m brother would mock more at me. He is 2000 odd KMs from Delhi, while I am just 500KM away. But in spite of starting out last night, and he just having started at 11:30AM, he has reached earlier than me. Air travel! And damn the Indian Railways.

Thankfully I am in 3rd ac, and quite comfortable comparatively. I just shudder to the thought of people in sleeper class. They must have frozen to death by now. What I don’t understand is – Lucknow to Delhi takes about 7hrs by train. So, starting at 11:30PM last night, we were supposed to reach at 6:30Am (the right time was 8:15AM). Cool agreed! It is 2PM now, and the train I hear is expected to reach Delhi at about 3:30PM. That makes it a 16hrs travel. Assuming that the night journey was slowed down by the fog, and starting at 7Am in the morning, it should have reached by 2PM (7hrs journey). What was the train engrossed in all night? Dating and mating with another train, while all its inmates were dead sleeping? Well, if that was the case, I should say quite a silent affair it was. Huh!

Totally frustrated!! Now I hope the expectations are not changed again. Please let me reach Delhi by 3:30PM. Luckily I don’t have any flight to board, or thanks to the low cost airways (my general carriers) and the Indian rail, I would have forfeited all my money. But yeah, I still have important stuff to do. It is my parents’ anniversary and I don’t want them to spend it all travelling – Air and then Cab till Jaipur!!!

Down with the Indian Railways!!! When would we get the EU rail kinda thing in India?

Wanted to blog about my weird experience at VLCC, but well I guess with this mood it would not come all that funny!

Also, a Merry Christmas to all my reader. A little belated though!


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  2. @ Sandeep: Dude, it is so cold out here.. tht ac travel becomes necessary!!!