Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Love affair - 2

Hi Guys, am sure you all waiting for the second part of the love affair.

During the summer vacations, I had good fun. I enjoyed my time with her and got pretty close to her. We spent a lot of time together. I spoke to her about my ambitions in detail. I did not understand why she was as unattainable as projected.

Our story continued well after I came back. The first time I proposed to her was on 20th November 2005. She listened to me but gave no response. I was scared shitless after I proposed. Finally some time passed by and I was still scared. I saw all possible dreams of her refusing me. But in one corner of my mind, I still had some hope. But all my fears turned true. When I repeatedly asked her, she said "can't we stay friends for some more time?". I had no answer. But I was not ready to take no.

She told me I was too young for that, and I should wait for some more time, complete my graduation and then think about it. Graduation? I still had one whole year to go.

The association continued. I got a job from an MNC (a good American computer company, and not one of those mass recruiters) , and was having fun in the last year of college but she was still the dream. I still wanted her badly, in spite of the good job and the wonderful prospects ahead of me. We did keep in touch. I still spent time with her.

Even my father had come to know about her, and he was strictly against it. He wanted me to concentrate on my engineering and get into the MNC. I had different thoughts. My mom was supportive of this, and she encouraged me to pursue her. She just wanted me to be happy in whatever I do.

Time passed by and it was almost a year she had last said no.

The date had been decided and I met her and did the inevitable. I proposed. I tried convincing her with all my logic and hold on the vocabulary and the English language (I remember reading this somewhere – girls like guys speaking good English). She threw at me questions I was never prepared for. But, I put up a brave face.

I was sure the whole incident was a disaster. But she left the place without a word later. I waited for her response. With time, my hopes grew. She later sent an SMS saying she would give her answer on next Monday.

This time the response was positive and I was about to jump when she added, I am sure, you are one of the best guys I have come across and I would be happy if I say yes, but, I am not sure yet. She wanted me to convince her parents first.

I was dumbfounded. I did almost cry. But, the fighter in me said, don't give up. I took the wait in my stride. Our friendship continued. Little did she say an outright no. She just wanted to be completely sure.

Time passed by, and I was now in the last term of my graduation. I have to convince her, and spent nights thinking of the same and preparing for the D-Day. February was approaching.
My father repeatedly kept on asking about her. He had a very good opinion and was satisfied with my choice. He went to the extent of saying this was the first sensible decision I had ever taken in the 23 years of my existence.

The association grew stronger. I did not let her off. In one corner of my mind, she was still there. My position in college grew stronger. With it, the number of opportunities also went up.

She had said YES in January, and had said categorically that I had a little over a month to face the next hurdle. It was mid Jan 2007 and I decided to take the plunge. I gathered enough strength to do the dreaded – meet her parents. There was only one goal now and it was her.

With the help of some close confidantes, who were very much facing the same issue, we sketched the plan, and burnt the midnight oil, to pursue my dream.


  1. That was brilliant sir. Now going for the third part .... :D

  2. @ Kilua: thanks dude!!