Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love affair - 3

Now for the third part of this long love affair. The story till now, was that “she” had agreed to my proposal, and was showing strong indications. But, now I had this strong hurdle to cross – her parents.

She had set the date of me meeting her parents – feb 17th, 2007. The meeting was scheduled to happen in Hyderabad, and my dad was very supportive and encouraging. In fact, mom and dad both wanted to come along but I thought I would be better and more confident facing them alone.

February 17th, 2008

One more of those fateful days which you would never want to remember and it would anyways, never leave your memory.

Got up early. Got dressed. Prayed to god. “Lord, please please please…”. This is one gift I need badly. Grant it to me and you would never see my face again. God was surprised to receive this request from one of his biggest non believers. He had his chance now and he paid back.

I even had beer the previous night, as I think it gets lucky for me. It worked 3 months back when I proposed to her.

6:00 AM – Father called me and reminded me that this was the day. He wished me luck, and so did my mom and bro.

8:00 AM – started out to her place

12:00 AM – One of my friends called me to enquire what happened. But I was still waiting. Suddenly, I was called in and two elderly people – a lady in a well starched sari and a man in suit, asked me to sit. They did try making me comfortable and even asked if I wanted water.

I sent a good 45 minutes with them, trying to convince them that I am the best guy. I showed my smartness, and the intelligence, thanks to the arduous preparation since last many weeks.

Finally, after the grueling 45 minutes they were done, and I left. She told me later that her parents would decide in some days.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into one whole month. Still no news from her neither her parents. I was anxious and curious. Even if it is a no, she should atleast inform me. Maybe, I would wait for some more time. Maybe I would move on with my life as it is. Maybe. But I needed the answer. This wait was killing me.

I met pavan after long and he was surprised at my state. He asked me for reasons. I was in no mood to chat. Discussion went back to college days and finally came to her. I could not hold back anymore. All the reasons came out.

She finally called one fine day in april, and we spoke for long. She informed me about her discussion with her dad about me, and asked me to wait for a couple more days when her dad would call. She did not know anything about their decision.

One fine afternoon on a hot sunny april. I was at home, just back from college after attending the exams. The last term exams were going on, and I still had three more to go. I was expecting the call anytime, and was hoping it was a positive call. I would get out of my mind, and get totally depressed and would end up screwing my exams if anything went wrong. I wanted her badly, and spent a good part of my college life pursuing her, when I should have been on the football ground, and attending parties in the MVP rooms. I even missed my farewell party, as I had gone to Hyderabad to meet her parents.

I got the call. It was from a common friend – pavan. He said, he had just got a message from her that her dad has let it out, and the result is put up online.

Overcoming my confusion, and the tension I told the same to mom. Damn! My internet was not working at the right time.

I ran to my cousin’s place, informing mom. She started her prayers, and wished me luck.

After waiting, for my cousin’s old Pentium 3 system to start and then waiting for the page to upload on the slow leased line connection, I had landed to the required page.



  1. Lolz..Awesome articulation dude..:-)
    U can compete with Chetan nw..

  2. @ vamsi: thnx dude.. but m sure i still hav way to go!!

  3. hi bharat...Umasankar here...been through your latest blog posts and I must admit that it has been an exhilarating read all through! I really cannot wait to read the sequels...the narration has been wonderfully complemented by lucidity of thought and an unusual transparency in writing which takes the readers' imagination to a different level of reading experience. I feel you can now collate all your experiences marking your tryst with life and destiny and compile the same into a book which I am sure would make for a compelling read for the younger generations...great job dude...keep it up!

  4. @ Uma Shankar: Hi Sir, thank you so much for all the accolades. n thank you so much for the inspiration for the book.. hope i live up to the expectations!

  5. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Finally read brats..
    I must say.. u r t next chetan bhagat.. :P

  6. @ Anonymous: Thank u so much!!! :)

  7. Naveen10:07 am

    Hi Bharat..
    Wonderful story with a very funny and apt ending. Its got all the needful. True to its flow, the analogy thats been adapteed so convincingly in three "heart-saying-read on-read on" paras.
    PS: Ur blog rocks...Keep posting...

  8. That was awesome sir ....
    especially the last line ..... :)

  9. @ Naveen and Kilua: thank you so much!!

  10. I thot so... i thot so... u and working so hard for a girl seemed like zehar! some hints dropped in between helped... good man, good.best one i read so far from anyone's stories!

    bhagat? Dude u can compete with forsyth and archer!

  11. Amazing :)

    Waiting for some more good blogs from your end :)

  12. @ Varun: thank you so much dude.. n true, itna fight to kabhi nahi!!

    @ Renu: thank you so much!! sure

  13. Hahaha....

    - Deepak Karamungikar

  14. @ Deepak: thanks!

  15. Anonymous12:17 am

    Man i cant believe this!!! U r really good!!! I was really thinking something else until i read it till the end... Man i wish you all d best... I'm sure you'll go great guns...!!!!

  16. @ Neha: thank you so much!!

  17. Dude.. like I said it before.. but now it goes on Record.. Friggin Genius.. God Bless.. Let the fiction roll.. ;)

  18. @ Vamsi: thnk u so much dude!!

  19. Anonymous3:19 pm

    r u still single..lolz:)))

  20. @ Anonymous: well, these are the kind of comments one would want. n a lolz to go along.. awesome!!! feels very lifting up the spirits!!!