Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Love Affair

Ticket please. The TT came in, asking for my ticket. I was off to a north Indian place. After showing him the ticket started staring at the beautiful view outside. Mom was sitting on the opposite seat, and jatin was fast asleep on the top berth. Staring at those lush green fields, and the wonderful trees, my memory started going to a trip. A trip, which has been rollicking, bumpy and also fun all the way.

April 29, 2006.

“The day would forever be etched in my memory. The day she rejected me and the day she said, I was not worthy enough. I had heard her reject me several times before. But this time it was different. I had convinced myself that this has to be the last time I am trying to win her. I can't forever be trying to woo her.”, manoj was ruing.

Was thinking about how it all started…!!

Thoughts came, racing back to me. I was searching for a clean pair of socks to head for a game of basketball, when I heard Pavan, my classmate at college talk about this girl. He was telling a group of our friends, how a lot of people he knew tried to woo her and failed miserably. The list seemed to be full of the who's who of my college.

I tried barging into the discussion telling him, no girl is unachievable. But being the dumb head he was, he did not listen to me. I thought wait till the day the stud (ME!) shows you my magic. No Girl is as unachievable as she seems. It's just pure chemistry buddy, I boasted.

She was destined to come into my life.

This time it was a girl from my class who was relentlessly talking about her. She was telling us how her brother tried and is currently shattered by her rejection. Every one at her home was worried about how he would cope with the dejection.

The word unachievable was still ringing in my ears. I am from the achievers club and unattainable always aroused in me a desire to prove people wrong. Me being me, I was curious to find more about her. I talked to friends and gathered a lot of details about her. I started working towards my goal.

One morning our paths crossed for the first time. The college library was where I first met her. I said hi to her. She did not bother to reply. My male ego was hurt and I left the place fuming and vowing never to see her again in life. But destiny had its own plans in store for me.

Library was destined to be the most important place in my life and Pavan one of the most influential persons. Now when I recollect, it was this association that altered my path forever.

It was 2 weeks after our initial tiff and the location, college library.

She was with Pavan and I tried avoiding meeting them. But, Pavan called after me and I had to go say Hi.

Pavan went ahead with the introductions. Pleasantries were exchanged.

Hi she said and I replied with a curt Hi.

I kept talking to Pavan, who was trying to get her into the conversation. After a futile attempt at avoiding her, she finally started (told you, I am a winner!)

"Did you feel bad the other day", she asked?

"Why should I?", I replied

"Friends??" Out of the blue she asked. Left with no better reason to say otherwise, I said yes.

The day I still remember was 21st December 2004.

This association surged ahead. In no time, I was completely enchanted by her. Thoughts about her drowned me in mire. Rest of the life took a back seat. It was she, she and she in my life. It was time for my exams. I had to pass the exams at any cost to be with her the next year. So, it was time for some serious study.

The night outs and those one day battings came to an end and the thought of staying without her for 2 months during the summer vacations bothered me. I wanted to spend the quality of my summer vacations with her. So, I requested my father to send me to join a crash course. Little did he know of my devious intentions? My father relented.

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