Thursday, August 18, 2005


Just back 4m the strenous PD classes.. I don't understand why everything has to revolve just around us getting a job? The PD classes, meant to develop our personality, have turned 2 b just another training program to get us closer to that coveted job...

I mean, any classes that v attend, any xtra time v spend, any xtra curricular activity v do - If it has 2 b popular it has to do s'thin related 2 getting a job, a good placement in a top company... Why don't v think of actually improving as a person; try 2 inculcate some habits that would make us a better human being, do s'thin constructive 4 our satisfaction...

LITERATI for xample, last sat' a guy rose up at the end of the session, and in a rebellous manner accused us of not organising the event in a systematic way. He blamed that v were just whiling away the time and not sticking to a fixed agenda!!.. Com'on dude, this is supposed to b a fun activity, and fun has no agenda.. Yes v r responsible 4 the happenings and v do work under a frame work.. but 'agenda'... After the session, i met the guy outside the class and informally asked him his expectation 4m the club?.. The reply, 2 my utter dismay, was : "I want group discussions to be held, so as to get a job in the campus easily.."

I was aghast!!I had nothing 2 say, except an assurance that v would do it nxt week..
Please, there r many more things other than chasing a job.. and if u r the right person, "the jobs would b chasing u, and not vice-versa..", So plz guys, b open minded and look for broader perspectives...

I m sorry, I m no saint 2 giv sermons on what ppl shld b thinking.. but this one, I could'nt resist myself...

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  1. i have no qualms about wishing to find a job but then...doing everythign just for that sole purpose is a bit bugging.

    thanks for the visit...please do come again..