Monday, August 08, 2005


Wondering, what on earth does the title mean??.. Well this is the name of the latest club that we hav formed in our coll...
It is an english club( or english space, english meet, however u term it)... It was formed on sugestion by our principal under the esteemed guidance of our english ma'am...

It all started out like this:
3 weeks back on a friday afternoon, ma'am called 4 students 4m our class 4 givin innovative ideas in english - We did'nt get it!! Later ma'am explained us all the details and asked us to form a club, whhich was met with mixed response??

On the following wednesday, we( 40 of us, 4m different sections), met in a classroom, in the presence of ma'am, to discuss the ideas.. Everyone had their own share and i got 2 meet a whole lot of new ppl.. Anyways we called it a day, without actually deciding much, with a promise that v would meet again the nxt day..

Nxt day, that is thurs, only 8 of us turned up( REASONS - best known to the traitors), anyways v were happy, now v had zeroed in on the elite few who were genuinely intersted, we again had heated discussions, especially to name the club.. Their were many names proposed - ODYSSEY, RENAISSANCE, E cube, and etc.. V packed up deciding that we would meetat the weekend elsewhere...

On saturday afternoon, 11 of us - 4boys and 7girls, met at cafe coffee day
There it was a very informal enviro' and the barriers btw Srs. and jrs. were broken( 4 the better) and each was free in his thoughts. After spending the whole afternoon there, we decided to meet at my place on sunday evenin'...

On sunday evenin'.. I was ready with the rough PPT. which was improved upon by Praveen, Shrikanth, Murthy and Nitin. Finally, we named it LITERATI
, which means the class of intelligent people, The intelligentsia.. I was left with the job of giving animations to the word perfect ppt., which i done the nxt day morning...

On monday, in the evening we presented the ppt to the ma'am, who was quite impressed, and declared that she would fix an appointment with the principal, 2 whom we would have to present.. That was supposedly to be on Wednesday..but..

Tuesday morning, in the borin classes, i was praying to God to let someone in and call me out of class. My prayers were answered. The attender callled me out asking me to call Sandhya ma'am - Our English ma'am., Who said that the principal has given an appointment at 12:30 in the afternoon, asked if we were ready. I replied in the affirmative... V gave an impressive presentation to the principal, who agreed to most of our proposals..

That was it - we got the nod - LITERATI is on :)

More on the launch meet in the nxt post..


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