Thursday, August 25, 2005

changes of wind

The one thing which I have learnt about Life...especially in the last one year....Change is an integral part and one needs to embrace it with complete consciousness!

No one can run or hide...coz it just hits your entire system...and makes one go thro' a complete overhaul even before you realise it!

What made me say this?
Well the change that i discover in myself!! I was just goin thru my diary of 2003 - the year i had got a seat in GITAM.. and i found a completely different me!
Then i was this egoistic, proud, don't giv a damn kinda person.. but now i find myself a lot more sober - good or bad, I don't know!!

I particularly recollect the day i got my EAMCET rank... I was least expecting 2 get a gud rank.. and i even had a bet wid a friend on our ranks.. He is intelli', so i betted that whoever gets the better rank would giv a treat 2 the other.. Fair enough.. He got 2600 s'thin.. and i was reluctant 2 check my results... But then on everyone's force.. I went 2 the internet cafe.. and guess what - My rank is 874.. Wow! did not expect it even in the wildest of my dreams.. Obvi,the treat followed and Ganesh( my friend) took complete charge... The bill was a massive 400 just 4 2 ppl( Me & Ganesh)... The irony, or the sad part, is that The DHIRUBHAI AMBANI test was ensued 4 the nxt day.. and as expected i did badly - gettin a rank of 948...

This is completely different 4m the present me. Today, i m a lot more cautious, and more responsible( My peers say that), Maybe that is due 2 the brief stint of being the Class rep in the 1st year... If that incident occured 2day, i would probably postpone the treat and prepare well 4 the xam.. This does'nt mean i m this Nerdy kinda person.. It is just that my priorities r more vivid..

Of course there r some negativ changes in me, which i wish were not there.. Like i hav become a kinda 'introvert' and i hate myself 4 this..I listen 2 ppl and cannot say no to them - i think i should get rid of that...

This is all 4 2day, and thank u all 4 goin thru this post so patiently, inspite of it being borin( or so i feel - y would anyone b interested in my life).. I promise 2 come back wid more lively issues...

A joke 2 relieve u of my life!!

WOMAN: U know neutrinos hav no 'mass'
MAN: What!! I did'nt even know they were catholics??


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  1. well the joke in the end..kinda rubbished your claim of not being nerdy...lol

    anyway...you doing medicine? one of my friends too got thru in EAMCET last year.