Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hello everyone,
Surprised!! two posts in two days, after a long hull.. Well our mid xams got over last week.. and Rajesh sir( Lab LIC), has agreed 2 let us go after v finish the experiment 4 the day... so i m here...

Anyways, here let me tell u abt the launch of LITERATI, saturday last..
Actually i had bunked the afternoon classes on friday, along with Semin, KP, Bobby, Suri, and Sulu.. v had planned to go 2 the english flick SAHARA at ramadevi..but v rather saw the video of the industrial tour of our srs... Evenin after gettin back home, i got a call at around 6:30, 4m Shrik, that ma'am had come 2 our class in the afternoon and asked 4 us.. She announced that LITERATI was 2 b launched 2morrow, on principal's orders. phew! v were movin at a pace of doin it nxt sat.. Anyways, I asked him 2 meet me 2morrow, with both of deciding 2 bunk the classes...

Nxt day, v went to ma'am's room, where v were told that v have been alotted space in the CV RAMAN bhavan, near the communication lab... I then headed off to the principal's room along wid ma'am, 2 ask him permission 2 go 2 all classes 2 announce the LAUNCH.. He agreed. Meanwhile the others went to the venue..

On my arriival there, i found that the room was locked, and everyone was waitin outside.. I went to the incharge who led me to another person, and so on.. until ma'am herself came and obtained the keys. V were happpy wid the alotted hall - air conditioned and beautifully cushioned. After some work there, I, Niharika and Aparna(both my jrs.), set off 2 announce the event 2 each class.. V returned back at 11:30.

Then i had 2 rush to GIFT,by ma'am's car, to get a colour printout, then i went to ma'am's room in Viswesvariah bhavan, 2 get the presentation out of ma'am's comp.. Then, i had 2 search my mail 4 the GD topics, sent to me long back, by a frnd. V were ready at 1 ven ppl started pourin in... My announcement had wkd..

I initially hosted the show, and also divided the members into 3 groups, 2 conduct GD - The agenda for today... Then the principal arrived and addressed us 4 abt 1/2 an hr.. Then v had the presentation, by Praveen.. Man! it was impressive. He kept us hooked 2 our seats with his humour.. Then i delivered the vote of thanks, and v called it a day...

Praveen gave his birthday treat at Food-ex, to 14 of us. On the whole it was a very satisfying day... A day 2 b cherished 4 a long time...


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  1. all the best for the soc...
    hope you do put in soem work after this too... :D

    keep visiting my blog.