Thursday, September 15, 2005

MIDS : Engineering's curse on students..

Ahh!! I can already hear those grunts," Finally, he has posted".. Anyways, My sincere apologies 4 being late.. had my mid xams last week, so was 'kinda' busy..

About the mids??.. 4get it.. This is the only time that v study in Engg. ( other than the Sem xams, ofcourse).. On my first day in engg. i was told 2 b punctual, dediicated, study everyday, and blah! blah!.. and i did follow them 4 a week or two, until seniors took over.. and i got elected the CR of the class... Then started the procrastination - do everythin, except study.. Any ways, why dwell on the past??..

Lemme tell u s'thin abt the prep last week.. Sunday afternoon, everyone was havin a gr8 time, planning the evenin, and my evenin' was already decided, albeit by mom.. get in love with the study desk.. No! I can't, It is just 3 in the afternoon and my eyes were begging me take them off the Latin and greek paper.. No i decided, V hav MP 2morrow, and the sides may change during the xam.. Headed off to Tarun's house 4 combined study..

Tarun's house at 4: 7 young boys( my classmates), all cramped in a small room - sufficient 4 2, and crowded 4 three!!.. and me being the 8th person.. boy!! were v supposed 2 study there.. what with the sleek computer on with internet plugged in, the air conditioner at its minimum temp. - v were freezed, and a friend's IPOD lying unused?? I immediately plugged in the IPOD, and went into oblivion with Aashik banaya aapne.. ( Apple really needs a commendation)...

This was goin till 5, with my occasional inputs 4 the online chat goin, when v got a call that its a friends b'day treat.. Off, v headed, leavin everythin as it is... After all the b'day bumps, the water champagnes, and overflous treat of sweets in Raju's( the b'day boy) room.. V realised tat its not a hol 2morrow..
After a heated debate, v decided 2 forgo the roadside noodles, and returned 2 Tarun's.... I just learnt "how 2 spend 3 hrs doing nothin', and unable 2 withstand it any more( combined studies don't wrk 4 me), left 4 my place.. It was 7 in the evenin.. and the beach was overcrowded - how my heart longed to b there, just doing nothin..but, no! v hav the mid xams 4m 2morrow

Fortunately, the mids went on well, and i am waitin in wide anticipation - 4 the marks??.. who cares, until the nxt mid!!

Anyways,Be good, take care, and, as is "en vogue" right now, Salaam Namaste...



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  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Hey nice blog dude. And nopes, vamsi n bj in my blog referred to some of my old friends :-D

    one more thing, dont share the blog address, was supposed to be a personal blog ;-)