Thursday, September 01, 2005

100 and growin'

Wondering what on earth does the title mean?..
Well its abt the counter, which has crossed 100 hits, aand is growin'...

Anyways, this milestone( is it really one??) was acheived in about a month.. It was a chance encounter wid the sitecounter and i felt the importance 2 keep a track if anybody is actually readin the blog( The visitors r unfortunately, lazy, or time pressed, 2 leave a comment)... and lo' it worked..

Now s'thin abt my blog:
Early june,this year, I was njoin my hols, wid aimless browsing, when i seriously gave a tought 2 blogging, many of my friends had told me abt it, but i never felt the urge.. and thus started the blog of the year, I think my name is good enough 2 b the title, and what better than COLLEGIAN, 2 define the blog in brief?..

What is intended 2 b on the blog:
My thoughts!!! Well that is what a blog is meant 2 b.. And i take this oppurtunity 2 announce that i would b updating more regularly , and please the views expressed may vary 4m post 2 post - evolution, or s'thing... nay! its just what runs in my mind, at the time of writin(or typin), is out on the blog.. so simple!!

Future plans:
I have this bad habit of always scheduling all my activities, and unfortunately not sticking 2 any.. Anyways, even in this arena, my idea is 2 include boook an movie reviews,study plans, and blah! blah!( sound nerdy.. just kiddin!!).. Its goin to contain more malice, more of me and the thing called LIFE revolving around me!!

So be waitin in anticipation..

Finally, a small dream that i would like 2 share wid u - Hope the counter increases exponentially, here on.. and the blog bcomes the blog of the year
.. 4get it man! i was just kiddin'.. who cares about the stat counter, I blog as long as i feel like doin it.. and nothin can deter me 4m doin this..On this note, bye bye.. take care..

Luv and Luc,

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  1. maybe you ought to tell us about yourself before going on a post expedition.