Friday, September 02, 2005

Sidney Sheldon's "Banti aur Babli"

Surprised!! what the heck am i writin?? Bunty aur babli, the hindi masala movie, and Sidney Sheldon, the bestselling author, How are they connected? Well, so was i, when i recently read Sidney sheldon's If Tommorow comes.. Gawd it looked so much like Bunty aur babli.. inpsiration huh!..
My foot!! It was a neat adaption, by the producers of the movie, 2 cater 2 the tastes of the indian public.. Wow! and it went largely unnoticed.. and the end result - the film is a block buster, raking in a huge moolah, to the already superflous producers..

In the book v hav tracy whitney, the protoganist, gettin into the arena of consters succumbing 2 the circumstances, ala rani(or babli) in the film.. V have Tracy assisted by Jeff Stevens, for the more manly jobs, ala Abhishek(or Bunty).. Initially they con people 2 fend themselves, and in due course get addicted 2 it.. They no more do it for the money.. Its pure fun.. and u can't help laughing at the gullible nature of most of the ppl..

The execution of the swwindles look more realistic in the book.. In the movie selling of TAJMAHAL 2 a foreigner looks too silly 4 the audience 2 digest( pitfalls in the name of adaption).. One more similarity 2 the movie:- there is a tough cop behind the consters, who always manages 2 b outsmarted by them, ala BIGB..

Of course, bunty aur babli being a indian movie, needs a decent happy ending, with a win-win situation 4 all.. So BIBG manages 2 change the consters and reform them, in the end, using their intelligence 4 constructive purposes.. While in the book the "con" continues...

Thus, v c a classic case of piracy infringement.. unfortunately without any acknoledgement 2 the rightful owner.. Sorry Mr. Sheldon.. but it happens only in INDIA!!

And finally i would like 2 thank u all 4 baring with my musings..


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  1. yes its true...it happens only in India..and thanks for letting us know about it. :)